Map - Symbio

Map Latvia provides its clients with more than three thousand different types of paper. This assortment from Map Latvia includes such famous European trade marks as symbio, DataCopy, Galerie Art, Tom & Otto, Serla, Katrin and many others. 

symbio is one of Europe’s most comprehensive office paper ranges. Available across 21 European countries, the range includes paper suitable for inkjet, laser and copier/fax printing as well as large format products. 

St.Brothers developed and implemented a long-term creative concept for symbio advertising in Latvia – love letters for secretaries and other young woman looking for romance. In line with the concept, special Valentines were sent out on February 14, each beginning with a symbio love letter by e-mail. Included was a link to a special website where secretaries could play a game – she could compare her horoscope compatibility with her boyfriend’s, download wallpapers, send an anonymous love letter and ask its addressee to guess the sender. 

Sales campaigns were also created according to the concept, and value added offers were used instead of price reduction. Secretaries who bought symbio received a yearly subscription to SHAPE magazine or a gift certificate for a popular shopping center.