Bite - It's getting greener

BITE is one of leading operator of mobile telecommunications in Latvia. St.Brothers developed a BITE campaign announcing that BITE network coverage was then available to 96% of Latvian population. 

Creative concept „It’s getting greener!” symbolizes growing Bite network coverage. Particular campaign message was created on previous Bite network campaign basis where lady in green silk dress covered Latvia which simbolized growing coverage. We decided to use the symbol of green dress and green colour in campaign in order to link previous campaign with this one. Other reason why such a message was created was campaign launch time which was spring when everything in neature is getting greener what supports message greatly. 

Campaign message supported by photographs of cities all around Latvian, showing that BITE network coverage is available for people in all the regions of Latvia, not just for those in the capital city of Riga. Lots of BTL objects were created in all regions of Latvia that supported the main message. 

Very wide media channels - TV commercials, print ads, outdoors, internet banners and lots of BTL materials were used for this campaign.