Izstāde "Latviskās dvēseles raksti"

©Reinis Oliņš ©LNKC

A large scale exhibition - created in cooperation with Latvian National Culture Centre - as one of the events of the cultural programme of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2015. 

Exciting cooperation with well known artist Jurgis Krasons and many more turned last year into the deep study of our nations identity revealed and explained to us by Valdis Celms. 
The exhibition shows a story of the development of the Song Festival tradition in connection with the formation of self-esteem of the nation and national costume as one of the forms of self-expression of the nation. The exhibition consists of 26 visual groups of regional folk costumes. The audio-visual solutions historically and conceptually reflect the role of songs and dances in the Latvian perception of life, space and time.

Authors and Concept: Valdis Celms, Toms Skābardis, Jurģis Krāsons
Texts and content concept: Valdis Celms
Exhibition artist: Jurģis Krāsons
Audiovisual concept: Toms Skābardis
Graphic Design: Arvils Feldmanis 
Curator of Exhibition: Linda Rubena
Project coordinator: Ilze Buile 

Graphic design, concept and administration: St.Brothers Brand Agency 
Studio”Tritone”, Aigars Gercāns, Uģis Rode 
Audio: Studio “Mārtiņš”, Normunds Deinats 
Vocals: Ieva Jēkabsone, Māris Jēkabsons 
Costumes: “Senā Klēts” Ziedīte Muze, Dagnija Kupče
Decorations: Mākslas departaments, Uldis Timoško, Jurģis Šeibaks

and many, many more....