Galerija Centrs New Collection Campaigns 2010/11

Twice a year with image campaigns trade center Galerija Centrs announces a new season. According to a latest tendancies several image campaigns have been made including TV production and photoshoots. Photo and videoshoot crew: Photographer: Nils Vilnis, Stylist: Artis Stamguts, Agnese Narnicka, Hair stylist: Edgars Zablockis, Anastasija Kobrinska, Makeup: Dita Grauda, Anastasija Kobrinska,CO: Juris Pilens, DOP: Otto Zitmanis, Creative idea and directing: Toms Skabardis, Video editing: Tritone Studio, Audio edit: Mute studio.

Models: Elina, Lauris, Kristine, Silver, Marija.