Bifri Countdown

BITE is a leading operator of mobile telecommunications in Latvia. One of its products is the prepaid card BiFri. St.Brothers helped to develop a BiFri campaign aimed at communicating a special offer: anyone who joined BiFri by 31 July would be able to call any other users of the BITE network free of charge forever. The creative concept for the BiFri communication was developed by The Farm. Production of the campaign, including Director's treatment, copywriting, filming and photo shooting was done by St.Brothers. 

In the beginning, the campaign ran a TV commercial that showed young people standing. Each one speaks a different phrase: Dude, that's cool! That's good for me! It can't be real! Who are you trying to fool? Me? At the end of the TV commercial voice over says: To those who still can't believe it. Really make calls to all users of BITE network free of charge, forever. Join BiFri! 

During the last 11 days of the campaign, TV commercials, radio and print ads featured young people running. With each day they reminded the audience how many days were left to join BiFri and to call to all users of BITE network free of charge forever.